Special Education Teacher

During my teaching career I have been through a lot of phonics!

-Modern Curriculum Press’s famous and longstanding “plaid phonics workbook”
-a year with Saxon’s phonics program

-working with a teacher who used Jolly Phonics (out of England)

-knowing about some “Phonic’s Dance” chants

-going to a 5-day IMSE O-G training-getting introduced to and teaching the Fundations program in the gen. ed. classroom for a year and doing dbl dose for it in Title

-went through the both levels of the Wilson certification process

I really wanted to take [your class] because I was hoping to learn some new VAKT activities to add to current toolbox. Well,  I just need to tell you that I gained a WEALTH of knowledge from your five day class – it was of a different nature than expected, but VERY valuable and something that I need to know.  (What do they say?  “You don’t know what you don’t know)  Your presentation gave me more background knowledge into the English language than I have ever received in any other training.  You also affirmed many things that I learned throughout the years, but had felt alone in my knowledge of because most teachers “don’t get it” due to a lack of adequate instruction in teaching reading due to no fault of their own.  Looking back at last week, I could have shouted out AMEN many times as you were speaking.