Special Education Teacher

During my teaching career I have been through a lot of phonics! -Modern Curriculum Press’s famous and longstanding “plaid phonics workbook”-a year with Saxon’s phonics program -working with a teacher who used Jolly Phonics (out of England) -knowing about some “Phonic’s Dance” chants -going to a 5-day IMSE O-G training-getting introduced to and teaching the […]

Title 1 Teacher

Kara’s OG/MSLE training has made an incredible difference in my knowledge base of the English language and given me specific activities to implement into my daily teachings. I am aghast at the amount of information she was able to present that left each of us thirsty for more. The training has me questioning ‘How I […]

Special Education Teacher

Kara was absolutely phenomenal and completely changed the way I view reading instruction and teaching children to read. I am so grateful that your organization was willing to pay for this training! I would love to be a part of becoming certified in MSLE and look forward to the opportunity to reach more students, as […]


I have had the pleasure of working with Kara for the past 6 months and in that time I have found her to be an amazing and effective teacher. My son was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and began working with Kara in the late spring of 2013. Since that time, I have been continually impressed […]

9th grade student

Thank you for helping me better understand reading. I feel more confident when I am reading in front of people, now I am not afraid to read in class when they call on me. Thank you! -Brennon W.

2nd Grade Teacher

As a primary educator who has had the privilege and joy of working with Kara, I highly recommend spending as much time as possible learning with her. Ms. Lee is a masterful mentor. OG training should be mandatory for all teachers. Your brain will grow and the students you work with will view word study […]